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Genes and weight loss pills-Diet Pills
Ever wonder why people try to lose weight by dieting and weight training and only see minimal results? What are they doing wrong? Medical specialists believe that genes play a major factor in this losing weight. These specialists believe that genes determine one’s body type. Some body types contain more body fat than others and vice-versa. They believe that everyone has inherited and specific body types. Body types have been categorized into three basic categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

Body types elaborated

The ectomorph body is tall and thin. This body can be distinguished by light bones and small muscles. Studies show ectomorphs encounter difficulty gaining weight and body mass no matter how hard they train or even if they eat the right food. Some see it as a blessing, others see it as a disadvantage. Other noticeable physical qualities of an ectomorph include a slightly built body, flat chest, and small shoulders. People with this kind of body usually have low body fat. These people may experience difficulty in terms of weight gain and muscle development.

The endomorph body, on the other hand, is round and soft. People with this body type carry more fat in their body. Their body weight and body fat refuse to drop no matter how hard they exercise and diet, which can be attributed to metabolic problems. According to researchers, endomorphs produce too much insulin as they metabolize carbohydrates. When this happens, fat storage is increased and difficulty in losing existing fat occurs. This is the reason why weight loss is extremely difficult for endomorphs. These people may take prescription weight loss pills and still notice minimal or no weight loss at all.

The mesomorph body is generally muscular and short. The mesomorph possess toned muscles and huge bones. Specialists believe that people with this kind of body tend to develop muscle mass when they do strength training because of high muscle growth rate and high proportion of muscle growth tissue.

The best weight loss pills may fail

Health's specialists claim that no matter how hard people workout, eat the right kind of food, or seek medication some people may never lose their flabs. When people seriously and earnestly try to lose weight yet still fail, it may be their genetics that is working against them. They may even take diet pills and fail. For some people, being fat is just a genetic fact of life.

It is important to understand that one’s weight and body fat percentage is not necessarily the measure of one’s health. Poor diet and lack of exercise may be the more serious causes of health problems rather than the mere presence of flab.


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